Ray of hope

Day after day, tick tock tick tock

Moments lost between the hands of my clock.

Waiting for the sweet pain of your departure

To relive all your words and cute gestures.

The pricking of your absence spreads,

Salty trails of loneliness down my bed.

Hours turn into months as the sun refuses to set,

You’ll be as late as you’ll be, working hard to forget

All the gaps and blank spaces in your memory

For the missing pieces of our love story.

The clock hands move slyly, winking at my desperation

As life goes on pause, waiting for you to set it in motion.

The whirr of the engine as it sinks into sleep

Is a sound so beautiful, it makes me want to weep.

But I push away the dishevelled hair and stray tears

As you come home and finally hope appears.


5 thoughts on “Ray of hope

  1. I really enjoyed this poem. It’s so true too. Those hours turn into days and months and years. My husband spent some time helping his brother in Eugene, and though he’d only be gone a day or two (and one time it was a few weeks), it always seemed like an eternity.

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