An Old Romance

Very gently, she draped the warm blanket around his shoulders. She knew he would sleep better knowing that she held him in her thoughts. As she trudged to the cold kitchen to make them both hot spiced tea to keep away the chills from creeping into their bones, she didn’t feel alone any more. His snores kept her company no matter which part of the house she was in.

She walks up to him with a tray of trembling cups, reminded of the first time they had seen each other. Of course it had not been a shameless affair with two pairs of eyes staring boldly into each other’s souls. No, their’s was a game of hide and seek. Alert deer that looked upon each other fleetingly before they ran away to safety. She had known that he was the one for her even before they had decided upon the details of the transaction.

After setting down the heavy tray, she settled down in her favorite armchair from where she could see the  last rays of the dying sun set his face aglow. In each of the lines of his forehead, she could read the story of a life well lived. His face showed the effects of excess of love that had settled around his waist. He moved his neck slightly and his head dropped on to his chest to reveal a head still full of the dark unruly hair that had borne her passion so patiently. Her cheeks pinked as she remembered how he would joke about it with her the day after. The cruel heartless man who had brought so much happiness to her, oh how she loved him!

He had woken up sometime back to the sound of her tinkling anklets as they marked her movement across the room. The slight rustling of her clothes sounded sweeter accompanied by the clinking of the bangles that she wore around her wrists. He knew that she loved watching him sleep, knowing that he would not catch her staring. He bit back a smile thinking how she still felt shy of him after spending most of their lives together. From beneath the veil of his lashes he could see a telltale blush creep its way across her cheeks. What he wouldn’t give to know her thoughts right now!

When the last ray of the sun had touched his feet in farewell, he finally opened his eyes to see the only star that had ever lit his horizon. Her sweet face had been his lucky charm every day of his life. He hoped that when he finally lay down to rest his wearied body, it would still be the last thing he saw. He would then know that the afterlife would be just as beautiful as the one he left behind. This woman who had lit up his life, stolen his breath, held his heart in the palm of her soft hands…this woman who had shown him that life was much more than a series of inhalations and exhalations…oh how he loved her!


7 thoughts on “An Old Romance

  1. Commenting first on this one, your writing is a challenge to me. I like this story, but this, “The cruel heartless man who had brought so much happiness to her, oh how she loved him!” leaves me baffled. How was he “cruel and heartless” yet brought her “so much happiness?” I’m missing something, right?

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    • No, you aren’t missing anything. It’s just a very Indian thing I guess. Cruel and heartless for teasing her continuously for feeling shy or embarrassed by anything remotely sexual. Here it was said in that context right after she mentions that he jokes about it. It’s a sweet thing to say…at least i hope that’s why my hubby smiles when i say that!


      • So, in your society, the comment, “cruel and heartless” is an affectation, as was very common in English society a hundred or more years ago. A woman would say that to a man she loved when he teased her playfully. In this society the same words would only be said with tears and anger. Same words, totally different meaning.

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        • Yes, I get the confusion. It’s not only the words but how they are received. Each society is made up of humans, yet we all dance to different tunes! Somehow, shyness about physical aspect of the relation is considered as a prerogative of women here 🙂


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