End of the line

Last few days left of the year and counting…all the things that I can tick off on my to-do list; all the moments when the surges of joy surpassed the decline in self-confidence; all the hugs and kisses from the two boys in my life that soothed away doubts and fears…and all the other things that can’t be counted…A roller-coaster year for sure, but one which has had more highs than lows. Should I thank the Almighty for it, or should I take the credit of my one good year? Either ways, I am glad it happened.

When I look back at the days gone by I realize that there is an eerie similarity in the trend. There has always been a theme that has constantly played through my mind throughout the year. Be it educational goals or career oriented ones; success or popularity; love or ego…I have stayed true to one subject every year. Kind of like I was subconsciously researching that topic. So what was my theme this year? I think this year I have spent more time thinking about what makes me happy than anything else. And the results are:

  • Hearing Addy sing his woeful songs (trust me, he has a talent to make anything sound woeful) despite our shouting and shutting our ears!
  • Laughing. Not the polite smile that seems to be the sign of adulthood. I am talking about full-on roll on the floor, tears in the eyes laughter. And yes, I had quite a few of those thanks to my sweet Addy. (I am not sure he will find it funny that I am mentioning this, but hey my blog right?)
  • Quite a few pats on the back for awesome cooking
  • Starting this blog and sharing my words with so many people who probably know me better now than many of my old acquaintances
  • Losing weight (I wanted to put this on the top of the list, somewhere in the middle AND as the most important conclusion of the year. But I thought that would kinda draw the “evil eye” so I’m playing it down!)
  • Cuddling with DD while he’s still sleepy and warm
  • Holding Addy’s hand while he drives us around to collect as many Pokemon’s as we can
  • Attending DD’s first Parents’- Teacher Meet and finding out that I am not the only one who thinks that he is perfect
  • Sharing soup with Addy (Don’t discount this! It has taken me over five years to convince the dude that it is something edible…and tasty!)
  • Finding my voice again – singing and otherwise. (No, not sharing details of that)
  • Tasting chocolate with salted caramel
  • etc etc

While listing things down, I realize that these aren’t really big things. There is nothing momentous or phenomenal about the things that have given me deep satisfaction this past year. Yet, I can probably think of at least a score more of stuff to add to the list and that’s just off the top of my head!

Moral of the story? We already have everything we need to feel happy. It’s just a matter of waking up and smelling the roses.


16 thoughts on “End of the line

  1. Sometimes, lists like this, are what we need when we are at a low point, because it shows happiness is what we have, not what we don’t, and we are the only one who can make the difference between the two count. What a great year 🙂

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