Last few hours

As the year draws close to an end, I’ve just had an awesome meal and gotten all cozy and cuddly with my two favorites. These past few days have been spent on this much-needed break that is sadly coming to an end with the old year. Though I love the getaway I kinda not like it too. It’s like having salted caramel- every bite tastes delicious and when you finally manage to greedily gobble it all up, the taste lingers and leaves you guiltily visualising all the tubs of the golden goodness you could be having if only you didn’t have to watch your waistline. There’s no escaping regrets- this way or that.

So tomorrow I’m headed back to routine where each minute is pre-scheduled. No more spontaneity to sleep in late or head out for an early morning something or the other. No more eating junk food like a teen and not giving a damn to where it settles down. No more of fun – good old discovering new places, new people and new facets of yourself. Yeah, I’m headed home.

But for tonight? I’m going to grab hold of my darlings’ (yup, plural) and jump up and down on the bed and dance like no one’s watching and eat whatever we want…You get the hint. It’s the last night of the year and well, what better way to say goodbye than to give it this last few hours being honest about who we are before the reality of life hits me again.

Here’s wishing everybody a fantastic new year ahead!


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