Losing my heart

https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2014/09/07/16/53/hands-437968_960_720.jpg I felt the weight of the many eyes Trying to find me As I sat  lost under my veil. You held my hand and I felt ready To silence the butterflies That fluttered at the thought of Losing my name. Of all the things I lost There was one I gained - you. Trying my hand … Continue reading Losing my heart

Return of the prodigal

Her hands still trembled a little every time the phone rang. Somehow she could never let that fateful night out of her mind when her world tipped itself over. While sitting at her window and staring out unseeingly at all the signs that life had moved on since then, she felt stuck in that one … Continue reading Return of the prodigal

Four Glasses Down

I don't speak on behalf of all the Indian males this country has to boast. I wouldn't even dream of being that knowledgeable or prejudiced to generalize a statement. But in my limited experience with such incidences, I have found that such cases are unfortunately very common. The perfect gentleman can rapidly disintegrate to reveal a … Continue reading Four Glasses Down

Welcoming change

As a child I remember the excitement I felt at being given new stationary. There was something so celebratory about getting a set of new notebooks just begging to be filled in with new flights of fantasies. The blunt edges of pencils awaiting the moment when they would be sharpened to their best and fight … Continue reading Welcoming change

Putting back the pieces

“Please don’t make me do this” she whispered through lips cracked and bleeding after trying to hold back every little cry that tried to make its way up her parched throat. “I’ll be good. I’ll do better. I won’t disappoint you again. I promise! Does that not mean anything to you?” Her cries were getting … Continue reading Putting back the pieces