This new year I have started something new – watching Pokemon! I know, I know – I am a little late to get on the bandwagon but hey, better late than never right? So as my four year old and I fight to get the best spot in front of the TV, I can’t stop feeling a little excited about what they would be showing in the next episode. What do I love about this series? Ok, let’s see. There’s the way they show every life is precious – human or pokemon. Evil never prospers – in fact, you get exactly what you deserve. There is always a moral to each story and friends and family are given due importance. People help each other and encourage growth and development. While over-confidence comes with the teen territory, the characters have the strength to admit their mistakes and make amends. Doesn’t that sound like the ideal world to live in?

I am sure there are plenty of other animations that are good for kids, but I fail to see one that is practical. There is always plenty of magic, technology or supernatural resources that the characters have at their behest. A man on his own cannot succeed – is that what we are teaching the children? Take Doremon. I can never understand what exactly it is trying to convey. To me, it translates as – “Ok fine, Nobita. You are lazy, good for nothing day-dreamer who is miserable at every aspect of life but has this super built-up false image of how amazing you are. You constantly try to seek vengeance yet are unwilling to put any efforts in doing so. Everything should be easy and just sort of fall in place for you. You don’t think about the consequences of your actions and are reckless and irresponsible. However, I will help you out because … well, put like this, I don’t know why I should help you out!”

On the other hand, Pokemon shows the values of determination, perseverance and hard work. If you want to be something, you have to put in the sweat and labour. Good old honest down-to-earth series where money has no value, yet values are priceless. There is no division into the different strata of “status”; everyone is equal. Now that is the kind of world I wouldn’t mind living in. A place where I may trip and fall but when I get up, I am ready to fight again….Hey, wait a second! That’s what I do right here too! So maybe Pokemon is just proof that such a thing exists…if we look hard enough.

I had this whole speech prepared on the goodness of watching TV…but my show is on! Just one last bit of wisdom that I want to squeeze in here – if you’re hooked on to all those “adult” sitcoms on TV, it’s time to switch channels. A little bit of clean and healthy viewing is exactly what the doctor ordered.


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