Anger. Burning, seething rage. There is a monster waking up under my skin and I can feel her stretching till she crowds me out of my own consciousness. I can watch her every movement, hear every word, yet it’s like watching a story unfold from the safe darkness of the audience. I can only witness the drama and sit enthralled by it. I gasp with horror as every scene brings her closer to destroying everything I had spent ages to build; but I am helpless to stop her. Standing in front of the powerful waves of her displeasure, I am just a small paper boat trying to stay afloat. Maybe moving out of the way is the only resort left to me. So I stand aside and watch.

I can see the bright red marks on his skin as her whiplash tongue tears his heart apart. Each word is aimed carefully to cause maximum pain. She is a master in the arts of destruction and leaves no stone un-turned in her display of her skills. He is a deer caught in the headlights – too stunned to do anything but stare at the oncoming danger. My heart goes out to his. Stand strong my love, in the end it will only be you and me. Everyone else is just a third wheel. Even my angry pseudo self.


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