Those were definitely not the days!

Thank God, it’s morning finally! I look at the first rays of the sun peek through from under the curtain of darkness. Curious and naive, they make ripples in the sky before boldly making their appearance. I watch as one by one the birds rise and take to the sky. They look like little black pips in a papaya milkshake…the contrast making everything so visually striking. Somewhere in the distance, a rooster’s crow breaks the concrete silence and signals the end of resting. Slowly, the world awakens.

Little tear drops of relief adorn the flowers as they open up their arms to welcome the sun. A light breeze twirls the leaves and makes the branches shudder in ecstasy as everyone celebrates another day of living.  As if in synchrony a few dozens of hands reach out to shut the alarms in their rooms. They are the ones who truly appreciate the patch of green amidst the grey and silver tresses of Mother Earth. Greedily, they put on their costumes and rush out before the rest of the world joins in. The streets look barren and neglected as the group of people head towards the park to practise their samurai moves.

I can feel him stirring next to me as he moves between the land of dreams and reality. I give him a few more minutes to stretch his body and relax in the warm comfort of the blanket…Then, I yank the damn thing off him and shake him till he awakens! I hastily transfer a sleeping bundle in his arms before he can come fully conscious and dive under the sheets. Safely ensconced in my warm cocoon, I sigh with guilty pleasure as I hear the baby let out a wail of displeasure accompanied by a hurried murmuring consolation. Thank God, it’s morning finally. It signals the end of watch for a harried, sleepless mother!



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