Welcoming change

As a child I remember the excitement I felt at being given new stationary. There was something so celebratory about getting a set of new notebooks just begging to be filled in with new flights of fantasies. The blunt edges of pencils awaiting the moment when they would be sharpened to their best and fight in a world where the pen was mightier than the sword. The sharp yet smooth corners of fancy shaped erasers waiting patiently for when they would be called to remedy a situation. The sweet innocent days where the only sense of competition was whose pencil box held the biggest treasure. Ah! Sometimes I wish I had never been introduced to pens. Writing has never been the same. Knowing that every word you utter will leave a mark is an adult’s responsibility. I didn’t like all that maturity thrust on me so early in my life. Alas, it was one soul trying to stay afloat in a current of kids wanting to grow up faster than possible.

Then the education system progressed further. Laptops were the new pen and paper. Gone was the feel of smooth paper that left sharp reminders on the fingertips. No more doodling space to mark the moments of absent mindedness. If I didn’t want anyone to read my journal, I no longer had to look for a safe hiding place. An eight character long password protected all my secrets. The laptop did have it’s own set of characteristics. I can’t say that I didn’t like the sound of my fingertips making their own music on the keyboard just as the words appeared on the screen at the speed of thought. Copy-paste and I could fill up a blackboard of “I will not day dream in class” in a jiffy. Save all my special memories in encrypted acronyms that only me and my login id could understand….

So this post is to all those laptops that have once again given life to words. Awakened the anonymous writer inside people like me. Allowed imagination to take shape even with the lights out. And best of all, giving the chance to make amends by deleting harsh words into oblivion. This post is in honour of my new best friend, my new confidante, my new laptop. (Though I will miss the old one who has borne the worst of my frustrations!)


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