The horror of loneliness

There was something very special about that day. She could feel it, though no one had bothered letting her in on the secret. There was a faint buzz in the air like when you know that you are about to embark on a journey to find your soul. Everything seemed just that little bit clearer, liking walking out of a dark room into a bright sunlit courtyard. Dazzling, sparkling, gorgeously divine. She wasn’t a religious person at heart but on days like this, she felt as close to a divine presence as possible.

She tiptoed around the house wafting in and out of rooms like a ghost that no one could see. Her fingers trailed like delicate butterflies on the spines of books that she had lovingly collected over the years. Her gaze turned wistfully towards the ivory and black keys that had once played the tunes of her melancholic heart on silent winter days. She remembered the solid comfort of the recliner as it cuddled her up in it’s lap while she lay lost in her dreams of a faraway land. Everything in that house was a person in her life. Everything played a bigger role than what could have been expected out of a furniture. Everything had a larger heart and purer soul than all the people she had known in her considerably long lifetime.

Having finally consoled herself that all her beloved possessions were hale and hearty, she made her way back up to her room. As she walked through the doorway, the wind chimes tinkled softly, stirred by a breeze that was conspicuous in it’s absence. The bed sank under her weight till she felt ensconced in it’s warm embrace. She moved her head slightly till her pillow fit the curve of her neck perfectly. With a long deep sigh, she entered her body again and lay there waiting. Waiting for someone to come and find her. Of what had become of her. Maybe someone would miss her presence as much as she missed their absence… Or maybe, she could relive the whole thing again the next day.


6 thoughts on “The horror of loneliness

  1. I really enjoyed reading this – potent with sadness and longing. The line, “Maybe someone would miss her presence as much as she missed their absence…” doesn’t ring right. Did you mean, “Maybe someone would mess her presence as much as she missed theirs’ “? I too am an ESL’er and sometimes the language can be tricky, but I think the words “absence” in this context has the opposite meaning than you wished to convey. I’m thinking here, how English works: if I miss your absence, doesn’t that mean I wish you gone? Can you clear that up for me, maybe? It’s like the double negative thing that turns it into a positive. Like, “I don’t never want to see you again” actually means I do want to see you again.

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