Losing my heart

I felt the weight of the many eyes

Trying to find me

As I sat  lost under my veil.

You held my hand and I felt ready

To silence the butterflies

That fluttered at the thought of

Losing my name.

Of all the things I lost

There was one I gained – you.

Trying my hand at writing a poetry that’s exactly 52 words long. I don’t know what was the bigger challenge – trying to compress my thoughts to the word limit or trying to express more! Whichever one it was, it was super fun. Reminded me of the day of my wedding. Completely assailed with doubts and nervousness, I wished that my veil could have covered me completely from all the curious eyes. But when Addy looked at me and smiled, the warmth of his hand quieted the fears. Now there was not a sense of loss…only a sense of completion.

Written for Writeinspiration #99 and the prompt “Lost Things”



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