Lost in time

She had her eyes open the whole time while her hand moved towards the light switch. With a slight flick of her fingers she plunged the world around her in complete darkness. A flash of light blinded her for a moment as her eyes adjusted to the sudden change. Then there was only the purity … Continue reading Lost in time


Two Become One

Her battered lonely heart stood as if on display, cowering under the scrutiny of judgmental eyes. He filled up all her empty spaces with the soothing acceptance of his love. Now she can't remember a time when she had ever been alone. Written for Three Line Tales Week 54 P.C. Roman Kraft via Unsplash  

Bringing up DD

After completing four years of motherhood, I realize that there are so many many things that I absolutely love about this phase in my life. Of course those who are on the other side of this will not understand the simple pleasures ...well, their loss! Lol. I can finally get away with my disheveled look that I … Continue reading Bringing up DD

May the Force be with You

  Where everyone saw a blank canvas and racked their brains in confusion, she saw a world full of possibilities. Layers upon layers of colors were splashed upon the white till finally the masterpiece was complete. Hovering somewhere near her shoulder her guardian angel whispered, "The force is strong in this one." Written for 3 Line Tales Week … Continue reading May the Force be with You