Bringing up DD

After completing four years of motherhood, I realize that there are so many many things that I absolutely love about this phase in my life. Of course those who are on the other side of this will not understand the simple pleasures …well, their loss! Lol.

  1. I can finally get away with my disheveled look that I have been trying to bring into fashion since forever.
  2. Any time I don’t want to attend a really boring family event, my kid always comes to the rescue!
  3. I am now infinitely more patient than I had ever hoped I would be. And this is me confessing after almost a lifetime of meditations.
  4. Totally love all the insane bragging about kids the mom-gangs are allowed before flipping the switch and cribbing about how “I have absolutely no time for myself anymore!”
  5. There are some things that bring so much of pleasure…like tickling! To see DD’s face all red and puffed up after a bout of rigorous tickling can bring a huge smile to my face. It almost reminds me of the time when Talking Tom was introduced with the echo feature where every time I laughed, it would laugh back at a higher pitch. Needless to say I couldn’t stop laughing!
  6. Talking about digestive troubles is suddenly considered an acceptable topic of conversation and no one cringes even if it is brought up during meal time.
  7. All that is good and right in me is reflected in my son…and I finally have a walking-talking proof of all the things that are wrong in my hubby dear!
  8. The quality of sleep is so much better now that there is a small, warm body snuggling up to me and holding my face for comfort. Of course the quantity is drastically reduced thanks to the well-timed kicks that land exactly when I am having the best dreams possible.
  9. I had always thought that time-management was my strongest skill. Today, I am hard pressed to maintain that statement. What with so many variables added to the equation e.g. incessant screaming at him to finish his milk, convincing him that the pot is not the royal throne where he can sit and tell stories, explaining to him that his fashion sense is not yet developed enough for him to decide what clothes to wear…etc etc…you get the point.
  10. Anything and everything that I cook is considered perfect…so long as it has any of the following ingredients added to it – cheese, butter, chocolate or sugar. Anything without it can cause severe nausea, stomach pain or even bouts of fainting.

I am sure that I can add a whole lot of points to this list, but restraining myself with considerable effort. Maybe it’s a story for a next time.

To all the other moms who are reading this (even dads are welcome to give their opinion), what’s on your list?


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