Lost in time

She had her eyes open the whole time while her hand moved towards the light switch. With a slight flick of her fingers she plunged the world around her in complete darkness. A flash of light blinded her for a moment as her eyes adjusted to the sudden change. Then there was only the purity of black that shrouded every object. She imagined her irises opening up wide, trying to place the furniture in the right place as she had seen before the lights went out. It always surprised her how easily her vision could fool her. She knew that she was in the same room she had been in; yet the absence of light made it feel like a completely different space.

That is when she answered the most important question in the world. Where do we go when we go? The answer is – nowhere. We remain exactly where we are; it’s just that the perspective has changed. Just because we can’t see something anymore, just because someone switched off the lights, doesn’t mean that the room has changed. Or the people have. Everything is still the same. You just need to believe it in your heart that nothing has changed.

So thinking, she turned to face the right side of her bed, a place that had been empty these past few months. She had dreaded lying down all alone in the dark with just her fears for company. But tonight she knew things would be different. She remembered the warmth of his breath as it fanned the hair on her head. His gentle touch as he caressed her arm and cheek to put her fears to rest. Tiny snores that caused ripples in the silence of the night. And her arm around his waist to anchor herself to this pleasant reality….She remembered all that and with her newfound wisdom, she draped her arm around his waist just as she used to when he had been there. This time, her arm didn’t fall back on the bed in disappointment. This time, he was there once again and she finally fell asleep.


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