Taking Favours

While this post has definitely been written in ire, it is also a fact that such people exist. In fact to term it without any exaggeration, they are rampant.At least so it seems to me since I have had the misfortune of interacting with a whole lot of them. ¬†Wanting to be someone, given truckload … Continue reading Taking Favours

Killing me softly

https://pixabay.com/en/guitar-music-man-play-strum-chord-869217/ I heard he had a good song so I came to see him and listen for a while. He strummed the strings ever so lightly, caressing the instrument till it purred in ecstasy. I looked at his fingers and imagined them on my body. His inky blackness marking the spaces they traversed on my … Continue reading Killing me softly

Smoldering Passions

In my third attempt at¬†accepting the Whiteout Wednesday challenge I suddenly realize that it's "whiteout" and not "wipeout"!! Oops! Making amends this post onward. So anyways, here I am at it again. This time it's all about love and lust. Some times it might seem interchangeable but when all else "fail", only love can keep … Continue reading Smoldering Passions

You Only Live Once

Came across this fantastic Wipeout Wednesday 1¬†challenge that really put the rusted clogs in gear. The challenge is to wipeout words from a given excerpt, without making any other changes, to create your own masterpiece. I wouldn't really call mine that but it's a fair effort at trying to say something. Heard of YOLO right? … Continue reading You Only Live Once

A short story

https://kmmyrman.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/classic-1834499_640.jpg?w=490 Image from It starts with one word...it ends with one too. LOVE - a complete story in itself. Written for Twittering Tales #21¬†in 82 characters The challenge was to write something using the photo prompt, maybe using the words included here, in 140 characters. I¬†tried my level best to exceed expectations, in fact I … Continue reading A short story

An act of love

https://bikurgurl.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/20160808_014354289_ios.jpg?w=663 Image Credit: Bikurgurl Written for 100 Word flash fiction challenge by Bikurgurl He loved quoting Shakespeare to her - "All the world's a stage..." and blah blah. She remembered the passion on his face every time he set about making each conversation an act in a play. Her life had definitely been dramatic while … Continue reading An act of love