The other side of the coin

It’s been a few days since she last uploaded a new image on her social media page. She checks in the mirror to make sure that the bruise around her jaw has faded and the black eye is just a shadow of it’s former self. A good dab of concealer and she could easily pass it off as sleepless nights. She’s an expert at hiding things after all. She had tons of practice.

She removes the tag from an expensive red dress that she had bought before their fight. She quickly applies the make-up to complete her look, finishing off with a dash of red across her lips. The roses that she had ordered were lying forlornly on the bed, waiting for her attention. She positions herself artistically till the mirror reflects a rose strewn bed in the background. Her designer footwear and clutch rest casually on the vanity table, reflecting splashes of bright red in the yellow glare. She pastes a bright smile on her face and pouts adorably before the camera flashes blindingly in her eyes.

A few touch-ups later, she sighs contently at the image before uploading it on her profile. The post says “Wow! You sure know how to pamper a girl. Thanks for all the love that you shower on me. Love you @hubby.” It’s just a matter of minutes before comments and likes start appearing on the post. She smiles ruefully as most of her friends wish that they had a loving man like hers and how lucky she is.

She looks down at the mess she has made on the bed and sighs before taking off the dress and getting back in her “house clothes”. The show is over and it’s time to clean up before he gets back home. She quickly takes off the layers of cosmetics from her skin and winces at the dark eyes staring back at her. If only, her life was as wonderful as her social media page…


2 thoughts on “The other side of the coin

    • You’re right. Of all the cases of domestic abuse that I’ve heard of, this theme is common. Denial, self-deception, ultimately leading to self – destruction. People worry too much about making others think they have a wonderful life and too little about actually ensuring it is so.


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