Shape of Me


Dancing to tunes of my choice after so long,

I’ve forgotten why it had seemed so wrong

To live only for me.

Now I’m moving and I’ve got it all figured out

To not whisper when all I want to do is shout

That I’m finally free.

You curse my body and the way you think I am

Alas, I’ve given up giving anything you say a damn

‘Coz I’m in love with the shape of me.

After a whole lot of contemplation, doubts etc etc I finally gathered up enough courage to join Zumba. Danced for an hour and despite all the creaks and aches of my body groaning in protest, I had the time of my life. And to think that it all started off with listening to Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You. Thinking that I want my man to look at me and see me as I am. And still love me. Not because it has become a habit or I am a part of his life. Or he has finally understood that beauty is just skin deep. No, I want him to look at me in the same way he did when I was actually fit. I want him to sing to me that he is in love with the shape of me. Now that we have pledged our lives to each other, it doesn’t seem that superficial to want to see each other at their best. I want to look good for him. But maybe the beats have screwed up my thinking because suddenly I want to be in love with the way I am too. I want to do something for myself and not think of the long list of people I have to give priority instead. I want to love myself.


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