i wonder

With just a day to go for her b’day, this lovely woman has churned out something so heartrendingly beautiful that I just had to share it. It felt like she put words to feelings that I had always left unexpressed.


sky_over_berlin_513473 Image from Google

I wonder what you see in me,
for I see nothing that’s good,
but you say otherwise
and I won’t argue.

I wonder what you see in me,
for I am hollow and empty,
though you say
I fill you completely.

I wonder why you don’t see
How love makes me so clumsy
I am too broken, too sad,
I am afraid I will treat you badly.

I wonder why you are so good to me,
and do unexpected, lovely things
no one has ever done before,
I lived ignorant of beauty so pure

I wonder when you will see,
that I am so ordinary,
and that you have wasted,
all your time and energy.

But until that time comes
I am happy you chose to talk
and be with me,
my heart will always be grateful
of your presence and beauty

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