An act of love

Image Credit: Bikurgurl

Written for 100 Word flash fiction challenge by Bikurgurl

He loved quoting Shakespeare to her – “All the world’s a stage…” and blah blah. She remembered the passion on his face every time he set about making each conversation an act in a play. Her life had definitely been dramatic while he was in it.

There had been plenty of tears at the end while he stood disbelieving the words that she had spoken. She wondered if a standing ovation would convince him that the curtains were finally down between the two of them. It was time for auditions again.



8 thoughts on “An act of love

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  2. Stunning submission ❤ I love the duplicity of your tale and the finality of the story — truth is the dramatic and so eloquently told in these lines. Well done – so very lovely! Thank you for joining us 🙂

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