The Back Side of the Night

Third time in a row,

Awoke from the dream that

Haunts the endless hours of the light.

Third time in a row,

His soft snores filled the silence,

To scare away the monsters of the night.

Third time in a row,

Watching the sleepy sun peep out from

Under the blanket of the back side of the night.

I have always found night time to be the best time to think. Somehow in the silence and stillness of the world, my muse whispers words of music that make my fingers itch to write. Often, I lull myself to sleep with admonishes – have to wake up early, only loonies wake up from sleep to write, maybe the voices in my head should make me realize I am not as sane as I pretend to be etc etc. But sometimes, in the few hours before the dark dissolves into a burst of light, I find a nagging thought that refuses to leave me alone till it’s penned down. Usually, these little worms worry their way free from my head in the back side of the night. After all, it’s an early bird that catches the worms right?

A big thank you to Gina @Singledust for including me in your musings at night. @Reluctantpoet the trend might have taken sometime to gather momentum, but you’re definitely on the right track. @Sailorpoet I hope that my take on your prompt matches your awesome level of writing. I am awestruck by the way you write. Wow! Major inspiration!


31 thoughts on “The Back Side of the Night

  1. waking up 3 times can be very tiring, but the inspiration comes when we are at our most rested, i love the mornings. when all is quiet in the house i can get up and write and think. your muse seems to whisper lovely things to you, your writing is very beautiful. love under the blanket of the back side of night – conjures up images of cuddling and peeking at the sun together! but you should write and not worry about sleep, sleep after. I have written lovely things drowsy and even before my feet hits the floor. This was an amazing continuation of the back side of night. a time that means something sacred for us who get inspired from it. I loved the poem. the repetition just perfect like pauses between acts in a play!

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  2. Oh I am so excited for you to join us and deeply humbled by your kind words about my writing. I look forward to learning more about you and reading your words! Thank you for joining us in the backside of night!

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  3. I think you have found a home with “The Backside Of The Night” community! We are Kindred Spirits that love to share and encourage each other. From the Wonderful poem and prose I am sure that you are indeed one of us! Sounds like the Universe directed you our way! So happy to meet you! I so loved your lines in the poem and the forceful way your stanzas repeated your theme – like lyrics in a song. Bravo on the poem!

    And I loved your comments after just as much! You started to sound like me – A Loonie who wakes up from sleep to write! LOL! I hear that and other variations from my wife’s side of the bed. On the one hand she is such a light sleeper, like most mom’s, but then she can fall asleep with the TV blaring? Weird.

    Really loved the ending lines so much – “Watching the sleepy sun peep out from
    Under the blanket of the back side of the night.” Fantastic imagery! You painted the picture with your words, I love to do that too.

    Would love to share more about writing with you. I will look forward to following you and hope that you can come visit my blog too. I think you might enjoy these – The Reluctant Poet, I Am Not A Poet (inspired by DavyD, He is a great writer. You might like to check him out!) and In Love With A Muse. All deal with the process of writing as you discussed above.

    Welcome to the Team!!! Love having you with us!!
    Singledust, Sailorpoet and DavyD are the greatest of Friends, Kindred Spirits and what I like to call
    “Inspirators”. The ones that give you the tiny seed of a phrase or an idea that Nudges you to write.
    Keep your pencils sharpened and typing fingers limber! Ha!

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    • Hey Chuck (is it?), thanks for your kind words. Women are a complex species altogether. Being one mmyself, I can say that with complete authority. Don’t try to figure us out…we’re still at it no matter how unsuccessfully! Lol. I get what you mean about your wife…been there, done that. It’s all about reaching the optimum level of “too tired to give damn”.

      I was kind of under a whole lot of pressure after reading the kind of amazing stuff you guys have been churning out. I have read a couple of your posts but been too caught up writing today to comment. Will get down to it soon. I especially loved the one on Calliope. I thought it was superbly written – full of deep longing and passion.
      To hear praise from one who can play with words so beautifully is so humbling. This was my first attempt at the prompt but I want to give it another shot soon. I have a story in mind that will completely fit in with it. My fingers are itching already to give it a go…but duty calls!

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      • Yes, it is Chuck for everything but my poems. Those words were earned and so well deserved by your “The Backside Of The Night”.

        You cracked me up with your comments on women and being “complex”? You didn’t hear that from me! I can tell you a joke offline if you are interested to illustrate your point! The genie in the bottle joke.

        Thank you so much for taking the time to read my work. No worries about commenting, when you get time. I appreciate the fact that you are willing and wanting to comment. I will be looking forward to your insights!! So happy that you liked “In Love With A Muse (My Calliope)”. That was a fun piece to write and so glad the deep longing and passion came through! And I will tell you in all honesty that I have the same feeling towards your skill and talent as expressed in your “The Backside Of The Night”. I am humbled to hear any words of praise from someone who has your “chops” with words!

        I love wordsmithing and crafting words and it is great when something positive comes about. Not sure if you have read all of the poems I have posted on that subject – “The Reluctant Poet”, I Am Not A Poet” and the one you have read “In Love With A Muse (My Calliope)” (also my second attempt with “The Backside Of The Night) but I love to write about the process of writing.

        Another attempt at “The Backside Of The Night”? Wonderful! You go Girl! So glad to have you on the Team!


  4. Loved your take on The Backside of The Night. I totally get your thoughts on the ear worms that invade our dreams and wake and worry us into putting them on paper. I think it is a form of poetic madness. Glad to have met you through the excellent poets involved in this meme.

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  5. Nice post! Seems like you have all the pre-quals/ pre-requisites of being a good writer: erratic slep, waking up to write down ideas in your sleep, some natural music from nose or mouth, self-doubt, and joyful finding of someone who understands you, etc!
    You are on your way Dear!😉

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