Smoldering Passions

In my third attempt at accepting the Whiteout Wednesday challenge I suddenly realize that it’s “whiteout” and not “wipeout”!! Oops! Making amends this post onward.

So anyways, here I am at it again. This time it’s all about love and lust. Some times it might seem interchangeable but when all else “fail”, only love can keep a relationship alive. Or not. Just as poor Dolce found out.

Here’s the tidied up version:


Always exotic.

Smouldering passions

Rich, dark, wistful

Aboard a yacht

On a romantic night


Solo becomes a duet.

The story begins

In an agitated state.

Curious antics –

Nibbling red berries.

State of euphoria

Dashed off.


By his tendency to nod off during.

The wiped out version:

A most seductive bean  (an excerpt)
(from La Dolce Vita book series – Coffee)

Coffee was always an exotic drink and so it remains today. Smouldering passions crowd television commercials over cup after cup of rich, dark coffee, sipped wistfully on a dusty desert train journey, or savoured aboard a yacht on a romantic tropical night, until a solo cup becomes a delightful duet.

Today, the aroma and taste of a cup of coffee are enjoyed the world over, though the story of coffee begins in East Africa.

Legend has it that in the depths of the Abyssinia, today’s Ethiopia, sometime around the middle of the ninth century, there lived a sober goatherd called Khaldi. one day his normally lethargic goats pranced home in an agitated state. Curious at their antics, he followed them and discovered that they had been nibbling the red berries of an evergreen tree.

Khaldi decided to try some himself and was soon in a state of euphoria. In his excitement, he dashed off to broadcast his find and soon came upon an elderly Moslem mullah, who was depressed by his tendency to nod off during prayers.

Khaldi let him into the secret of the red berries and coffee took its first step towards becoming one of mankind’s favourite pick-me-ups.

Being of a more academic frame of mind than the goatherd, the mullah experimented with the berries and eventually hit on the idea of boiling them, turning the raw fruit of the coffee tree into a fragrant and delicious beverage.


3 thoughts on “Smoldering Passions

  1. LOL@wipe out – I noticed but was laughing because I even want to call it that too – and I named the prompt! 😉

    This is a great “wipe out” – totally worked an odd starting piece into something that is fascinating and fun to read – and yet holds enough depth to hold meaning and interest in the human condition. Maybe we’re not so different than coffee beans after all? 😉

    I love the tone, the settling, the telling of a story – and the ending – the last line, had me totally chuckling …..

    Great job and thanks again for playing along 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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