Taking Favours

While this post has definitely been written in ire, it is also a fact that such people exist. In fact to term it without any exaggeration, they are rampant.At least so it seems to me since I have had the misfortune of interacting with a whole lot of them.  Wanting to be someone, given truckload of hope, praised for your talent and independence …and then made to suffer the indignation of it all being a favor. Does it even make sense what I’m trying to say??!! I’m seeing too much red to actually try and decipher. Maybe when I cool down some…

Written for Whiteout Wednesday #8.

Tidied up version:

Over the imperfect horizon

A red orange noon

Hurts her eyes.

The face looks awkward.

Back into the dream –

Almost never any certainty

Than a yesterday.

Waiting. To be something.

And then someone says, suffer!

Over there,  in the front

Selling love in black satin,

You be the  Mister Death?

Full version:

February Elegy by Mary Jo Bang
© Mary Jo Bang

This bald year, frozen now in February.
This cold day winging over the ugly
Imperfect horizon line,
So often a teeth line of ten buildings.
A red flag flapping
In the wind. An orange curtain is noon.
It all hurts her eyes. This curtain is so bright.
Here is what is noticeably true: sight.
The face that looks back from the side
Of the butter knife.
A torn-bread awkwardness.
The mind makes its daily pilgrimage
Through riff-raff moments. Then,
Back into the caprice case to dream
In a circle, a pony goes round.
The circle’s association: There’s a center
To almost everything but never
Any certainty. Nothing is
More malleable than a moment. We were
Only yesterday breathing in a sea.
Some summer sun
Asked us over and over we went. The sand was hot.
We were only yesterday tender hearted
Waiting. To be something.
A spring. And then someone says, Sit down,
We have a heart for you to forget. A mind to suffer
With. So, experience. So, the circus tent.
You, over there, you be the girl
In red sequins on the front of a card selling love.
You, over there, you, in black satin.
You be the Maiden’s Mister Death.












2 thoughts on “Taking Favours

  1. I feel the rage though may not understand the cause but if you are passionate enough about something saying words about it is a start – getting it known is part of getting it dealt with. “And then someone says, suffer!” – such hurt here my friend, my heart aches reading this from you.

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