I believe in Miracles

Image Credit: Bikurgurl She loved the little piece of land they had claimed as their own. They had been a nomad for so long that settling down seemed more like a novelty than a mundane happening. They had led an exciting life; one that most people only dreamed of. But then, something more exciting had happened. … Continue reading I believe in Miracles


Curiosity kills the cat…or not?

In my defense, it wasn't my fault. I was provoked. Tempted. Literally pushed to do something I would never have thought of by myself. (I did already say that it was in my defense, didn't I?) Would you leave an explosive right where a child could get to it, explain all the "Boom" it would … Continue reading Curiosity kills the cat…or not?

A different view

They stood on opposite sides of the room, sizing each other up like fencing opponents trying to "feel" out the opponent before the duel began. Each took a step forward and frowned in concentration. There was something vaguely familiar about the other. Like a shadow from the past or a memory of a childhood friend. There … Continue reading A different view