All’s fair in love…

He squirmed in his seat once more, trying to reach that little itch that had been making him so uncomfortable these past few minutes. As he felt the drop of sweat run down his spine, he started thinking for the nth time how he had ended up in this situation. It had to be right up there, heading his list of top 5 stupid things to do.

The last thing he remembered was sitting at the bar with this gorgeous lady, chatting their way past their tolerance limits. Her eyes had been bright and shiny; and so was her laughter. There was a shimmering satiny feel to the night as if anything could happen; anything was possible; even something as magical as falling in love. In retrospect, everything was too loud – like cheap imitations of the real thing. Shiny souvenirs for those who can’t afford the real deal. Given his checkered past, he should have understood exactly how this night was going to pan out. But he had been played the fool; and he had gone along with it pretty willingly.

She had been as curvaceous and beautiful as her sister. Vivacious personality, undeniable charms and that special spark that made him want to dig in deeper. But while Victoria had been peaches and cream, Ella was tart red cherries. So tempting to take a bite and feel the red stain not just the lips but the soul as well. He had been pretty good at avoiding the love-sick looks that Victoria had frequently darted his ways. In fact he was sure that there was nothing that he could have done to convince her more that they would be a match made in hell. It had shattered her dreams of their perfect house with the white picket fence. Well hell, that was better than getting her heart broken right? He thought he had been doing her a favor.

A few days later along came Ella. He had been hooked line and sinker from the first time he clapped eyes on her. He had been quite surprised to learn that she was Vic’s twin. Though they looked quite identical, their auras were so different. One seemed like a pale shadow of the other though Ella was truly as dark and mysterious as they came. The first time he had walked up to her with two beers, he didn’t expect her complete ignorance of his existence. Knowing the depth of Vic’s feelings, he had expected quite a celebrity treatment from her twin. Instead, he was greeted and dismissed with a cool sneer. It had hurt his pride more than his reputation. He knew she was the one for him.

It had taken several weeks of coaxing her to finally go out with him. It had been perfect – from the shining crown of her hair to the blood red tips of her toes. The food, ambiance and conversation were right out of a well-written script. He wasn’t surprised when she invited him up to her room. After all that was all a part of his plan. It was later when she came after changing into “something more comfortable” that he realized what a fool he had been. This was no Ella. There never had been one.

The next thing he remembered was waking up in her car in his altogether. His wrists ached from the cuffs that shackled him and his head was a constant throbbing reminder of his predicament. The window had been cracked down a slit but nothing could affect the suffocation slowly drowning him. She had returned with a bag full of groceries and had helped him wear pants if he promised to be good. They were going to run away, disappear, vanish from life as they knew it. He would always be with her now. Nothing could take them away from each other. He had nodded along numbly while trying to process this bright announcement of hers.

She hummed a little to herself as she drove past cities and towns that he once knew. He wondered idly how a five foot something petite lady had managed to trap his hulking frame with absolutely no help from anyone else. Ah hell, he might just start to love her now else he was in for a long ride….

Story inspired by Musetrack’s photo prompt.



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