I believe in Miracles

Image Credit: Bikurgurl

She loved the little piece of land they had claimed as their own. They had been a nomad for so long that settling down seemed more like a novelty than a mundane happening. They had led an exciting life; one that most people only dreamed of. But then, something more exciting had happened. A barren woman had felt life stirring in her womb. A miracle, they called it. She knew better. She had spent years shouting prayers from on top of all the lighthouses she visited. That high up, He was sure to have heard her.

Written for Bikurgurl’s 100WW Week 15





10 thoughts on “I believe in Miracles

  1. It must be the most wonderful of moments to realise that after years of trying a woman falls pregnant and feels life within her…..great post GD….I never had that problem my ex wife would think child and nine months later one would appear…..

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  2. Being physically closer to God to ask Him for His blessings of children….to know the love and wonder of a child, to be a parent, it is something I never knew I wanted until I did…and it makes all the difference ❤ Thank you so much for sharing your lovely tale with us!


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