I’ve got you, babe

I have read quite a few books where the character suffers from a split personality that arose from the fear of facing life alone. Maybe they felt that they were not strong enough to take the abuse that the world handed out. Or it was survival instinct that refused to be snubbed out. Mostly, it was at night that the dominant personality manifested itself and took over the reins of control. The passive personality went into hibernation until it was time to face the music again. 

In the dark of the night

I can feel you slipping

Under the covers of my skin

Snuggling deeper till you saturate

Me from head to toe.

Your fingers fill the empty spaces

Between mine;

Reassuring me that I am not alone.

I inhale deeply the courage you radiate

And sleep dreamlessly for the first time.

The rays of the rising sun bleach you out,

Off the perfect tan of my skin.

I feel your strength ebb and flow till finally

You recede to a forgotten corner of my mind

Waiting for the welcoming arms

Of the darkness to reunite us once more.

I cower in fear at the thought

Of facing all by myself

The horrors that daylight brings.


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