For DD

I had never understood why people were so crazy about having babies…till I had mine. The entire experience, from the moment I knew that my life is no longer mine alone till he was actually physically a part of my world, was so amazing. It was like being in a wonderland where everything is fascinating and I stared wide-eyed and open-mouthed. Even now, four years later, I am still awe-struck by everything he does. Every day helps me learn something new about him…and about myself. He looks at me with those beautiful brown eyes and I want to be that superhero he thinks I am. There is a Goddess that we worship who has multiple hands. DD thinks that I am no less. And with him, I feel no less. 

I believe in miracles

Every time I see your smiling face.

I believe in magic

When you turn my frowns upside down.

I believe I’m invincible

Looking into your shining trusting eyes.

And I believe I can fly….

It’s only your little fingers wrapped around mine

That keeps me grounded.



9 thoughts on “For DD

    • Hey thanks! Yes, my son has brought a whole lot of sunshine in my life.
      That reminds me, I think I want to borrow your Miss Marble in my Mr Rock stories. I have just managed to finish one more and my hubby insists that I not stop now. Your comments?

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      • I was thinking you might like to invent your own character. Rather than use my Miss Marble create one you can use for the reality is you write her differently to me. To use my Miss Marble I would expect an acknowledgment and you’d be obliged to keep her somehow within the bounds I have created.
        Using your own character you can do what you like.
        I’m flattered you feel so strongly about her but I don’t want to feel I am competing with you when I write my MM tales.
        So those are my thoughts.

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        • Hey, you got that right. The Miss Marble that I have in mind (for want of another name) is actually going to be different. I have a few stories planned out that will make her mine. I didn’t really mean to use the one that you had created and there is no competition between the two! I could never really imitate your writing style!
          No, I actually meant using the idea of a friendly neighbourhood witch. I would be re-visiting my first story and changing the name too.
          But since you started the flow, I thought it was only fair for me to let you know what I planned 🙂

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