Loony Tunes

I thought about you for a long time. It was late at night and I didn’t have much else to keep me occupied. Cold numbness seemed to seep in slowly till it settled down to curl up in my bones. It was just the warmth of your thoughts that kept the chill at bay. The silence of the night was eerily loud; so pronounced and suffocating. I gasped for a deep breath to calm down my panic.

I was a good girl. I had always been. Then how did I come to be locked up in a cell?

There is a nasty big itch right in between my shoulder blades. I wish they had left my hands untied so I could relieve it. The rope has left ugly purple marks around my wrist. My legs hurt from being in one position for so long. To make matters worse, I feel a warm dampness spreading on the bed. Uh-oh. There will be hell to pay for tomorrow morning. But then what else was I supposed to do? My tongue feels like a swollen banana that has been stuffed in my mouth. I couldn’t shout for assistance even if I wanted to. Then again, was there any body out there? Someone who could hear me? I think everyone stopped caring after the first few unfortunate episodes.

I squint my eyes in the darkness and try to make out the symbol I have carved on the wall. To the ordinary eye, it might appear to be a series of jagged lines and circles. To me, it was proof of my sanity. Proof that you had been here with me. No one would believe me, but that’s another matter. It was more important for me to know that I was not mad. At least not any more than all the other people in the world.

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