Stamp of Approval

Wanting a little stamp Of your approval. Doesn't matter if your heart's not in it - A light barely there mark Will also work wonders To soothe My battered soul. But you, Knowing the power You hold over me, DON'T. You never cared enough to.



On Tuesday he promised that he would never hit her. Again. It was Saturday and he had already broken his promise six times. This time he had gotten creative and not repeated his method each time. The only thing consistent about all the episodes was that he had blamed her for making him do it. … Continue reading Limits

Legends of the Shores

Smoke or salt The raw, foul-smelling within.¬† Dash of a bite Beyond the shape of human. Straying from home To bring full nets Of women. Gutting and salting their catch. Men sworn to protect Tell chilling tales Of our ancestors¬† Celebrated in history As the Legend of the Shores. Looting, pillaging and stealing happiness has … Continue reading Legends of the Shores

A Contract of Pleasure

She let out a long sigh as she applied the pretty pink shade of her lipstick and smoothed it out over lips chapped dry from all the nervousness that she was feeling. Her newly polished nails reflected prettily as slashes of color in the mirror. Once everything was finished, there was nothing else left to … Continue reading A Contract of Pleasure