The Grateful Dead

Standing safely

Behind the lines of

Her happy place,

She looks around cautiously

For gaps through which

The undesired might creep in.

She knows that

A solitary tear can break

The dam that she has built

So carefully to withhold

A past that should never have been

And flood the future

That she spent all her life wishing for.

No, that would never do!

So she armed herself
With the useless pages of her life

To stuff the crevices for

As long as she could.

For she knew

That though she was happy now,

Good things never last too long.

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Vows of Life and Death

The Grateful Dead

I don’t think that my life had really truly begun until the day I fell in love. It was the most beautiful moment in my life and of course it defined the rest of my days. Till the day I met her, I had only been a wanderer. Not only did I not know what I was searching for, I had no clues where to look for it. But there she stood like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – holding all the answers to my questions in the palm of her hands as she beckoned me forth.

Physically, there was nothing of great significance about her beauty. Even if I had been a poet, I would have found myself extremely pressed for words to describe her appearance. She was one of those people who grew on you with time. For me, it was her shining…

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Animal Instincts

Human beings have evolved a lot over the ages…but have they really?

The Grateful Dead

You might have changed your view point

From a horizontal to a vertical plane.

Yet everything you say reminds me

That your point of view remains unchanged.

You may hide behind labels and brands

Your cruelly twisted frame of mind.

But no matter how trendy the clothes,

It can never conceal your dirty soul.

You sacrifice my pride on the altar of greed.

A repeat performance, till I finally yield

Something more than I need to survive.

Another chapter in his-story – that’s my claim to fame.

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Disagree to Agree

Wrote this over a year back…when I was still new to this world.

The Grateful Dead

We met under grey skies and a black umbrella.

We both agreed that you were special and so our friendship bloomed.

You conquered hearts with my words, which I joyfully supplied.

I gave you my trust, but you lied. You lied.

You stamped all over my confidence just for my benefit

Left with too many warnings and no pride – I was bound to be a misfit.

You treated me like rubbish and thought I wouldn’t realize.

Well, better late than never – you’ll be surprised

To know, I disagree.

Wasn’t it predictable, that anything which started

With tears running down my cheeks was already doomed?

Prompt: Disagree

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Young at heart

Over the years there's one thing that I have learnt about myself -the hardest part isn't about knowing where to start's about knowing when to stop. Oh yes, that has always been my problem. The rest always seems to just kind of fall-in-place. So what brought on this spurt of random nonsense? Blame it … Continue reading Young at heart

Telling stories 

I'll tell you a tale, Every night. I promise I will.  Make you the star in every one.  Of course, I can.  Ride horses; slay dragons; Cuff monsters in dungeons; Change your hair or your flair; Colour your eyes a shade so rare; Awaken princesses from sleep; Whatever. Together we shall leap  From one fantasy … Continue reading Telling stories