Broken Trust

She told him all her secrets, it ripped his heart apart

To know that he had married a bitch from the start.

She tried to explain to him that I didn’t understand

Why her apologies felt like a load of slippery sand.

The stone has lifted from her chest and settled on his;

She had promised herself it would never come down to this.

Another trust betrayed, he has stopped keeping note.

He was slowly getting used to staying afloat

On pain, misunderstanding and heart breaks.

Everything seemed like an endless circle of mistakes.

How will he survive this land mine she set in front of him?

Maybe she should step on it herself; then everybody wins.


18 thoughts on “Broken Trust

  1. Hello! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I commented on your poetry, things have been crazy here! But when I read this poem, it reminded me of my ex-wife, a cruel and selfish person. I especially the last line.

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