Sounds of Silence


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Mike Vore.

He had been born special. At least that’s what his parents and teachers used to say. The children in his neighborhood, though, thought differently. They never seemed to miss an opportunity to mock him. He never could figure out why exactly.

One day, as he was helping his grandma clean up the basement he came across something that he had never seen here before. Lifting the dark cloak that veiled it’s beauty, he was stumped to see the instrument. He ran his fingers lightly across the ivory colored key and felt it respond like a  virgin, touched for the very first time. He knew he had fallen in love.

It didn’t take much to convince his grandparents to let him come over and play, though he did wonder why they stared at him so. He put his hands on her and felt her heartbeats. The deaf boy could finally hear the sound of music.

168 words written for FFfAW 105th Challenge


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